Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Color POP!

Are you tired of the cold weather? Sick of slushing about in the snow? Longing for a spring getaway? While I can't promise you a spring break getaway, I can help guide you towards some of my favorite bright spring makeup trends! Kiss away your winter blahs, and welcome spring with a a POP of color!

xoxo- Product Junkie

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty Trend: Beauty Balms (BB) with Maybelline BB review

In the beauty world, it seem as if every company out there is hopping on the Beauty Balm craze. Beauty Balms, which are usually shortened to BB, were very popular throughout Asia and are hyped to be all-in-one super products. With claims to hydrate, prime, protect and much more, all while still providing a sheer build-able coverage, what girl wouldn't want a BB? It's easy to see why their popularity has landed stateside.

Being the product junkie that I am, of course I had to give one of these highly exalted creams a try. Unfortunately, not too many companies are on board with making BBs for darker skin, so my options were limited. I did get lucky and find that Maybelline makes a brown girl friendly shade!  The fact that it was ten bucks vs some other BBs which ranged from $20-30, made Maybelline's the easy choice.

Enough of my rambling, let's get to the review!

Product-  Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Deep

Claims made- 8 in 1 skin protector which
                       1. Blurs imperfections
                       2. Brightens
                       3. Evens skin tone
                       4. Smooths
                       5. Hydrates
                       6. Protects with SPF 30
                       7. Enhances
                       8. Zero oils and heavy ingredients

Rating :  8 
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 meaning I'd rather rub a hedgehog against my face and 10 being good enough to slap your momma for, I'd give this BB a solid 8. I wore it for a week and really liked how sheer it applied. I LOVED that the sunscreen in it didn't make me break out since so many products containing it make my skin freak out. Also, I initially thought listing a characteristic of the product (zero oils and heavy ingredients) as one of it's skin benefits was lame. However,  after wearing it and comparing it to the myriad of other products that go on my face, I did notice how light it felt and often forgot I had it on. For a product with an SPF of 30 to feel light and airy is kind of amazing if you ask me! It did seem to brighten my skin, and hydrate and all that good stuff. So, while I wouldn't slap my momma for it, I would buy it again.  
 Wearing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Deep
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty On The Fly

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been accumulating quite the frequent flier miles these days. Previously, I considered myself well versed in all things beauty...on land. When on an airplane for a long haul flight, I learned a few things about skincare and beauty on the go and want to share my tips!

Number one rule for airline travel ? Stay hydrated! When the flight attendant offers you water, take it! Your skin will thank you.Your skin will also thank you for an occasional spritz from the Evain Facial Spray. It perks me and my face right up.

Speaking of your skin thanking you, don't forget to hydrate on the outside as well. Keep your pretty face moisturized with a quality product since cabin air on the plane can be so drying. I love the Benefit B.Radiant Skincare kit. The kit covers all your skin care needs in a great travel size, including their Total Moisture Facial Cream. This is a rich cream that sinks into your skin leaving it feeling faaaaaaabulous dawling.

Remember that drying airplane air I mentioned? Don't let it make your lips a hot chapped mess. Toss the uber-versatile Rose Bud Salve in your bag and use it often! Also don't forget a soothing for your hands such as Keihl's Ultimate Strenghth Hand Salve. On a recent nine hour flight, it seemed that every time I woke from a quick doze my hands were dry and I blame it on not having my Hand Salve easily accessible.

Rounding out my must have for travel are two products I absolutely adore whether on land, air, or at sea! My Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer and Benefit's Cha Cha Tint. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite tinted moisturizers because a little goes a long way and the coverage is great! It's not heavy and makes your skin look great. For a pop of color I adore the multi-tasking Cha Cha Tint. It not only looks great as a cheek stain but also makes your lips look lovely.

Airplane Beauty Essentials